Family Medicine you can trust.


What is Direct Primary Care?

In a nutshell, cutting out the middleman of third party billing (insurance companies) in order to let doctors focus on the things that matter. This equals more time with you and less time behind a computer. The way medicine should be.


Physicians and patients alike are frustrated with the current system. The push to get more and more people in and out of the clinic rooms is disappointing on both ends. Our aim is to make the physician-patient relationship the focus of your medical care. You will always get the one-on-one time you need to not only help you when you are ill, but to work together to build healthier individuals, families and communities. Keeping you healthy in mind body and spirit is our aim. Seeing people as more than just numbers or a list of medical problems is getting back to the roots of medicine. This is the goal of Veritas DPC plain and simple.